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Pest Control In Tempe Church

The Tempe Church Required Rodent Removal Before Services Sunday

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Last Sunday before Church began it was brought to our attention that there were some pests in the cafeteria. The Church keeps the property extremely clean and there typically isn’t a problem with cockroaches or mice in the cafeteria. Apparently there had been some food left out that attracted some cockroaches in through an open door in the back room. There is a garbage dumpster in the back that is used to dump leftovers after Sunday service and that is probably the main reason behind the insects even being remotely close to the Church. We called in a Tempe pest control company to treat the cafeteria and the surrounding property. They started around the perimeter of the building and then worked their way to the interior where they treated for cockroaches and also set up glue traps for any four legged rodents that may have also entered through the back door. This was a reasonable way to resolve the issue and keep the cafeteria open for Sunday service. The company provided “green pest control” so we weren’t worried about a bunch of chemicals floating around in the kitchen where the food was being prepared for post-service congregating. The Church has been feeding it’s followers for over 10 years now and has never had an issue with insects or rodents entering the facility until now. We will continue having ongoing pest control treatment to prevent other insects and rodents from entering the building. We are happy to say that since Sunday we haven’t seen any sign of pests in the Tempe Church and will continue to monitor it over the next few weeks. With Arizona hitting record temperatures this week, many insects and rodents will be seeking indoor cover to cool down from the heat. This is an additional factor to consider if there is an increase in insect infestations and rodent traffic.